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Indoor 2017-18 Season Update

To make teams and schedules and starting practice early, your timely registration is required.  We should not make teams on guess that you are joining the team. If you have not signed up yet please do so ASAP so that we can make the teams and start practice. 

Practice has already began for the teams that are already made. 

Other teams and Schedules are being made please have patience.

Team Roster registration is October 24

Game Schedules will be available on October 25

Indoor Preseason will begin October 28


CNEU Calgary Northeast United FC

Welcome to CNEU

CNEU : Your home of soccer in Northeast Calgary


01 October 2017

U12 Girls Tier 3 CNEU Flames Won the 2017 Fall Cup

U14 Boys Tier 3 CNEU Rebels Won The 2017 Fall Cup 


U16 CNEU Arrows Won the Under 16 Tier 3 Provincial Championship in Edmonton.

They won the Fair Play Award too.


 U16 Tier 4 CNEU Impact won Bronze at the provincial championship and

U14 Tier 4 CNEU Cobras Won silver at the Calgary Cup.


Indoor Registration is open online, REGISTER NOW!

Indoor 2017-18 Online Registration Is Open

In Person Registration sessions : By Appointment Only

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